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Years of professional experience in manufacturing research and development,Advanced technology,Keep the industry level
The company after years of development and expansion,The company has gathered a group of international touch innovation research and development and manufacturing technology exquisite workmanship of high-quality talent,And by a professional management team using the company's quality inspection system for each product the precise inspection procedures;Over the years, developed a series of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights,At present our products have broad,Used in aviation,Space,Electric power,The oil,Chemical industry,For gold,Railway, etc..........
A good modern factory,Complete automation equipment,Large high-quality production team!
The company has strong capital,Have professional research and development manufacturing base800Square meters,High standard laboratory base with constant temperature and humidity of modernization,The introduction of foreign advanced water production line,And being geared to the European standardization system,Electrostatic protection of each product must pass strict testing,High temperature aging,Application of aging industrial process for testing,Before the factory,Companies a comprehensive range of detection system,Ensures that every factory products are quality assured products.....
A good modern factory,Complete automation equipment,Large high-quality production team!
The company each product technology was used for the perfect quality assurance control element,After professional research and development team designed a novel modelling and powerful computer software mapping system,Use of imported advanced sealing technology,Special and exquisite manufacturing process,Make every product simple structure strong operation,Small and light reliability,Compact and lightweight,Let the product presents a unique style。
Perfect service system
After many years of accumulation of experience,The company has a professional after-sales team,All you need to install,Debug products,Company to arrange for training professional and technical personnel to install、Debugging,Ensure normal operation of each customer purchased products,Free training and the use of personnel system,Let the customer have no trouble back at home,All product life-long maintenance,System software to enjoy lifetime free upgrades for your considerate service and support。
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About kaka
Kaka yueqing city electric co., LTD
Is located in China electric capital-Located at liushi yueqing, East of the east China sea oujiang,South alongside wenzhou container terminal, The west of wenzhou airport, Yueqing railway station store in the north,The sea、Lu、Empty material flow、The transportation is convenient、Many businessmen、To heaven and earth、Wuhuatianbao、The talents。
Kaka yueqing city electric co., LTD. Is a long-term commitment to cable connector、 Cold end、Terminal blocks、Close to the switch、The electromagnet、The production of explosion-proof fan and other products、Research and development and sales,Is the national joint solutions provider,Is energy saving、Advocates of green environmental protection and high intelligent joint products。Company products are widely used by finance、Communication、The traffic......
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