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A、Steel roof truss and accessories、The installation。
2、Steel structure construction project:Including civil engineering、Steel structure、Decoration、Water and electricity。[In more detail]

3、The adornment of the enterprises and institutions、One of the decoration:Outdoor decoration、Advertising facilities。[In more detail]

Four、The adornment of the enterprises and institutions、The second decoration:Wall coverings、Smallpox、Doors and Windows、Space model、Daylighting skylight。

Xinyang blue sky light steel structure co., LTD2000Years was established,Company's business in construction steel structure industry workshop、The warehouse、All kinds of steel structure、Pavilion building。Big、Medium-sized building indoor and outdoor decoration construction,The company has a national secondary qualification of construction and engineering design qualification。
Engineering area is given priority to with the province,Combining the construction outside the province。
The representative of the company in recent years, engineering performance project:Mercedes-benz cars4SThe shop...[To check the details]

The electricity Words:0376-6198796

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