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Intelligent low-voltage electrical products professional manufacturers,Set research and development of various low-voltage electrical appliances、Production、Sales、Service as a whole!Establish long-term technical cooperation relationship with the national grid,Just to give you a better low-voltage electrical appliances;Just to let you power equipment is more stable and safer!

The company made headlinesThe company made headlines:

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    Xu Ji low-voltage electrical products series observatory upgrade smart products

    Xu Ji low-voltage electrical products3The big advantage

    (Chinese low-voltage electrical good quality)

    Chinese low-voltage electrical good quality

    Our Three Great Advantages

    • The raw material

      Imports of raw materials,Quality selection,Fire retardant,Safe and durable use phosphor copper fittings for electrical and mechanical materials,Reliability is higher than general copper alloy products。

    • Process

      Good at work,Wisdom in the“The core”,From the mold to material processing,From the parts to the finished product assembly。72Working procedure,24A quality control point,Strictly control each production details。

    • Custom

      Personalization,Hold on originality,Design team to understand your thinking,For customized products。With modern science and technology research and development of building and large-scale production workshop,Professional r&d team,According to the customer demand personalization。

    • The national hotline
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    Jiangsu、Hebei、Liaoning、Tianjin, etc

    Products to win customers

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    Good quality does not just talk,Certification authority,More at ease

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    Xu Ji low-voltage electrical appliances are widely used in various fields

    4 Big The core competitiveness

    Xu Ji only for your power device is more stable and safer


    Independent research and development innovation

    Innovation and independent research and development

    Cooperate with r&d institutions,Comply with the demand of the market,Product development innovation

    Have experienced r&d team,His original independent research and development,Meet your custom needs

    Companies high-tech products output value accounts for yearly output70%The above


    Years of brand accumulation

    Years of Brand Accumulation

    The existing staff200More,80%This technology of high-quality staff with many years experience

    Production base area of10000More㎡,Have all kinds of production equipment200Multiple sets

    Among them is high、Fine、Pointed testing equipment50Multiple sets,The assembly line20Multiple

    Automatic detection of lean production line4The article,Has formed a standardized、Systematic、The standardized research and development、Production management system


    Many major projects

    Construction of many major projects

    Company products are widely used in power、Water conservancy、Machinery、Metallurgy、Petrochemical and other fields

    In jiangsu province、Hebei、Liaoning、Tianjin province company repeatedly won the bid

    The state grid has extensive use of our low voltage components products

    Independent research and development innovation/Years of brand accumulation/Years of brand accumulation/Many major projects

    Gold medal after-sales service

    Gold medal after-sales service

    Xu Ji all product warranty period quality problems can be free maintenance,Under the condition of no damage appearance can be replaced

    Professional online customer service to you,The response at any time,Urban area4Hours of troubleshooting

    Personnel training、Technical support、Preventive test

    - Power display -

    Adhere to seiko spy,Efforts to create Xu Ji low-voltage electrical appliances brand

    • The scientific research strength

      The scientific research strength

      Scientific research strength
      The scientific research strength
    • Production base

      Production base

      production base
      Production base
    • Team


      Team demeanor

    - About us -

    Science and technology innovation,Quality as the soul,Satisfy the customer

    Xuchang Xu Ji low pressure electric appliance co., LTD
    Xuchang Xu Ji low pressure electric appliance co., LTD. Was established2009Years,Company is specializing in the production of low-voltage electrical components products。The company has the abundant technical economic strength、Advanced production equipment、Professional testing means。The company over the years has been committed to the development of low-voltage electrical components products、Development and production,Now has already formed the standardization、Series、Standardization of scientific research、Development、The production system。 Company main products include: Intelligent frame type circuit breaker、Smart molded case circuit breaker、Molded case circuit breaker、Dc molded case circuit breaker、Exchange of miniature circuit breaker、Dc miniature circuit breakers、Earth leakage circuit breaker、Residual current protection…...
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    Xu Ji low-voltage circuit breaker, to you3The kind of connection mode,Please find!
    2019-08-02Xu Ji low-voltage circuit breaker, to you3The kind of connection mode,Please find!

    Circuit breaker is a kind of control current switch devices,Circuit breaker can be divided into high voltage circuit breaker and low voltage circuit breaker。Xuchang Xu Ji low pressure electric appliance co., LTD. Over the years has been committed to producing low-voltage electrical apparatus…...

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