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Plate of ancient gallery, Kowloon,The Internet old Kowloon gallery of professional service providers,Since2003Years since its founding,In the industry and customers established a good reputation and visibility。The main products including sogou search、What search、Tencent's old gallery, Kowloon、Baidu(The flow of information、Best to hire)、Weibo、Ali mother(Youku, etc)、Sohu settlement、UCThe headline、BStation、The beautiful、Zhihu、Bing、Huge amounts of engine(Trill、The volcano small video、Watermelon video、Today's headlines, etc)、Well quickly、The pomelo、Netease、The website construction(The characteristic graph page two shaw、Program development、The characteristic graph planar two shaw)And so on,Dedicated to helping customers to obtain competitive advantage,Improve the return on investment。

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「With4Mobile search·To chat·To look at」——2019Sogou scene more marketing tour across the country


The sogou Internet marketing summit mainly around the local enterprises how to use new method diversion sogou search engine,The implementationO2OMarketing closed loop、Enterprise rapid spike win market etc. Carried on the thorough discussion,More sogou account management optimization analysis、Sogou gold merchants case sharing、Sogou sign policies issued, etc,The meeting was packed,The atmosphere is active。......

“UPotential show yue in autumn”Theme salon will be held in chongqing smoothly!


9Month11On the afternoon,Sponsored by ali innovation business enterprise group of intelligent marketing platform“UAll show Yue in autumn”Subject salons fine hair in chongqing Hilton doubletree is held ceremoniously,The meeting invited nearly200Local entrepreneurs to participate in activities together,Based on large data ali,What to search for media,To help small and medium-sized small business owners find new marketing channel,Precision marketing。......

And becomes the campus,Adhere to the forward than in reality


Have you ever had and stood on the rear window stare at the teacher in charge of four eyes relative“Echocardiography”In an instant?Do you remember graduation day teachers eyes flashing,To life?......

2019Tencent's old gallery five linkage set sail marketing meeting in mianyang city, Kowloon station well packaged!


In suining,We and decoration business cooperation,In meishan,Provide service for food service business owners,In yibin,Power wedding photography class business owners get more business opportunities,Bilateral,Mianyang is in full for more local services industry,Provide a solution。All the way down,A lot of harvest,Heartfelt thanks to the participation of many business owners and also support,Thanks all the way with you!......

Tencent's big data componentsTubeMQOfficially open source


The international open source will beApacheCon 2019Held in the United States,At the meeting,Tencent open source management committee、Tencent open source union chairman、Apache Software foundationMemberPlugging tuan ping to the global open source ecosystem partners tencent open source map are introduced,Tencent announced trillion-dollar distributed message middlewareTubeMQFormal foreign open source,And plans to donateApacheThe foundation。......

WeChat team:Launch small program video old Kowloon gallery and a small video posted before old Kowloon library components


WeChat team today announced by public, small program video old Kowloon gallery and a small video posted before old Kowloon library components。......

Weibo2One hundred million days to live behind,A panoramic view of the old Kowloon gallery system permanent operational solution


Weibo now live to day2Hundred million,Weibo old Kowloon gallery is the most important and stable source of income,No one,So weibo old Kowloon gallery system stability is our old Kowloon gallery operations all the work of top priority。......

In weibo「Grazing」:The content of the grass,Electrical contractor pulling weeds


There are many weibo's identity,Public opinion is hot spot of square,Star powder interactive positions, and so on,The latest weibo,A bit like a farmer、Breeding a large or environmental enthusiasts。......

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  • And the king**
    Old Kowloon gallery promotion effect is very good
    2019/06/30 14:18
  • Lee**
    Sales is very professional
    2019/03/22 13:22
  • Sichuan province**Limited world inside
    Operation is late
    2019/05/03 10:20
  • Chengdu**Limited world inside
    We are a travel world inside,Have been sluggish business market,Is lost、Got a call from the pangu sales when be anxious。Sales to understand our actual situation,Also made a plan。Recommend the most suitable for the promotion of our products,Promotion of less than2Months,The expansion of our business very well now,Orders every day,I'm really very grateful to pangu report in our world inside the most difficult time to help us,thank yo。
    2019/08/30 17:10
  • Suining**Limited world inside
    Chengdu pangu world inside at large
    2019/07/06 14:20

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